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We Value Our Customers Over Everything. 

That’s Why Fibre Collective Group Provides the Best Telecom Services.

Fibre Collective Group is one of the fastest-growing telecommunication service providers in the telecom industry. For our telecom services, we have achieved highly sufficient wholesale rates that are passed directly onto our customers. Our cutting-edge business phone systems are ideal for SMEs looking to compete with larger rivals. All at no additional charge.

With over 30 years of experience in the telecoms industry, we specialise in the installation of award-winning business phone systems. We have established a long-standing working partnership with Samsung, LG and NEC; supplying these telecom services to our customers. We believe these business phone systems are the most reliable and up-to-date. Unlike most telecommunication service providers, we don’t restrict ourselves to one specific system. All our customers have systems specifically tailored to their and their business’s requirements. 

At Fibre Collective Group, we strive to give our customers exactly what they require. Throughout COVID-19, where circumstances dictated a different type of working environment, Fibre provided telecom services with the latest technology; all at no extra cost. We want to support local and growing businesses; connecting them to a wider telecom network.

Our experienced telecom engineers can check all of your business phone systems, their lines and broadband speeds. From there, they will configure the best phone setup, specifically for you. This can include VoIP phone systems and handsets, an intercom handset or even hybrid digital-IP business phone systems. Just in case your broadband isn’t running as fast as it could.

Customer care is our main priority. In the telecom industry, it is important to maintain close and personal relationships with customers; providing the best possible care and attention at all times. Our head office is based in Southampton and we have a completely UK-based call centre to support all our customers regarding the telecom network.

Why We Do It

As one of the leading telecommunication service providers in the UK, Fibre Collective Group helps businesses of all sizes with VoIP phone systems, hosted phone solutions and other telecom services across the UK. We pride ourselves on the highest levels of reliability and value for money.

But, why do we do it?

In everything we do, Fibre believes in challenging the status quo. Thinking differently to other UK telecom companies. We are passionate about your specific business needs; from its profitability, right down to your brand reputation. All of which can be improved by telecom services.

We believe that all businesses, no matter the size, should be able to have the tools and latest technology to thrive in the telecoms network. Through high-quality business phone systems and other telecom services, we want your SME to continue to grow and develop. All with the latest telecom services and technology at the most competitive rates.

At Fibre, we are proud of our loyal and constantly growing customer base. Our telecommunication service providers ensure all our services are to the highest standards in the telecom industry.

Proud of Our Loyal and Constantly Growing Customer Base

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