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What Different Apps Can You Get For Your Business Phone Systems?

For businesses, there are applications out there that enhance working life and efficiency in customer support. Business phone systems are ideal for small businesses that are wanting to keep up with larger competitors. With advanced technology, it doesn’t matter that the team is only a select few; everyone remains connected through the telecoms network.

But, what different apps can you get for your business phone systems? At Fibre, we offer various services for a small business phone system. We work closely with you to find out how we can cater for your specific needs. For more information, check out our services page or continue reading below.


Mobile Friendly

In the modern world, where phones have become as advanced as computers, businesses should consider connecting the two in a functional system. Here at Fibre Telecoms, we offer a Mobile App; linking desk phones straight to mobiles. All by just logging onto the app.

Also, when on the go or at meetings, you may feel the need to give out mobile numbers. However, with this feature, each employee can give out the normal work phone number; improving efficiency for business phone systems.


Call Recording

Call recording gathers audio (and sometimes screen activity) related to phone calls. Business phone systems that record calls can collect discussions and the company can then use the information to improve customer service and made more informed business decisions.

There are many benefits to this business phone feature, as these calls can help with staff training by showcasing different scenarios new employees may face. In addition, this business phone service can impact new promotions and detect experience trends; identifying which employees may need additional support.


On-Hold Marketing

When your customers are waiting for their call to be answered or transferred, you can use on-hold marketing to convey information to them.

It can allow businesses to portray a professional image; ideal for smaller companies that need to boost their profile. These business phone systems can not only assure your clients that someone will be on the line shortly (improving customer experience and ensuring that they have not been forgotten), but you can use his opportunity to generate more sales with promotions.


Call Reporting

Call reporting is a collection of data derived from phone call logs. Analyzing this data can reveal valuable insights into how a company operates and where improvements might be made.

In addition, many organisations are still unsure about the relevance of call reporting and the usefulness of these business phone services. The ability to acquire insight into an employee’s performance is a major benefit of call reporting. Use these metrics to set performance and progress goals for them. In doing so, managers can implement them into one-on-one reviews on a regular basis; helping team members learn and enhance their skills.


Our Business Phone Systems

Here at Fibre, we want to challenge the status quo. That’s why we provide exemplary technology with the best competitive rates throughout the telecom network infrastructure. Our business phone systems allow small businesses to keep up with their larger competitors

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