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As offices return to normal, many businesses are turning to telecommunication service providers for the latest technology. No matter the size of your business, it is important for your relationship with customers, that connection between the two is strong and reliable. So, what about VoIP systems? Find out more here. 

What Are VoIP Systems?

No matter the size of your company, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can offer the best business phone systems. These telecom services are efficient ways to carry calls over a network. Or, is ideal for businesses that need to stay linked across several floors or locations.


VoIP systems convey data differently from business phone systems, which use the telephony infrastructure of phone lines to provide phone calls. For more information, read our previous blog here

Are VoIP Systems Reliable?

VoIP phone systems are an incredibly dependable method of communication. VoIP will reliably offer high-quality voice calls as long as you have a steady internet connection (which is true for most businesses). Offices typically will have a high volume of calls, business meetings and will require staff to access the internet. 


The notion that VoIP is unreliable is a frequent one. Many people believe that VoIP requires an expensive, ultra-high speed, all-singing, all-dancing internet connection since it uses your broadband connection (instead of traditional telephone lines), but this is not the case.


With just a 20Mbps download speed, typically, small business phone systems will include multi-user VoIP systems. However, your VoIP system will be more robust the greater the internet speed, connection, and reliability.

How is Reliability Measured in VoIP Phone Systems?

System Uptime

Typically, this is the main metric used for VoIP systems and their reliability. Uptime refers to the percentage of time that your VoIP business phone systems are available and operational. Rather than downtime, which means your system is not functioning and is offline. Downtime has the chance of affecting your sales and customer support satisfaction. So, for your business, it is vital that your VoIP system has a high percentage of uptime. 


At Fibre, we ensure there is a strong level of uptime to prevent disruptions throughout your regular working day. 


Call Quality

This is relatively harder to measure their system uptime, which relies primarily on data. Call quality, however, is just as equally important. Fuzzy or crackly calls run the danger of giving the impression to your customers that your business lacks professionalism. If the connection is too bad, they may hang up and result in a loss of service.

How to Ensure Reliability

Here at Fibre Telecoms UK, we ensure that all our VoIP systems are correctly installed and are working efficiently. However, what about after and for the rest of the foreseeable future? You and your business will want to make sure there is a reliable connection so that the VOIP phone systems run smoothly with a high-quality connection. 


Lucky for you, there are certain things your business can do to ensure this trustworthy telecom service. 


Upgrade Internet Speed

As we’ve mentioned, VoIP systems are reliable as long as there is a strong internet connection. So, naturally, boosting your bandwidth is a great way to cement this and create extra reliability in the office. Run speed tests and research the options in your area. 


For more information, fill in our online technical support form here

Upgrade to a Leased Line

A leased line refers to a data connection that is dedicated to fixed bandwidth. It is ideal for businesses that rely on a strong internet connection to interact with customers and provide their own online services. So, if you want to ensure a reliable VoIP business phone system, it may be worth considering upgrading to leased lines. These lines are incredibly fast, with speeds up to 1Gbps.


At Fibre Telecoms, we provide a wide range of broadband and telecom services across the UK. This includes leased line upgrades. Click here for more information.  

Our Telecom Services

At Fibre Telecoms UK, we want to challenge the status quo. Think differently from our competitors. Though we are Southampton-based, our telecom services cover the entirety of the UK, providing business phone systems for companies of all sizes. 

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