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benefits of cctv security system

The Benefits of a CCTV Security System For Businesses

No matter the size of your business, it is important to ensure that safety precautions are utilised throughout to ensure the protection of equipment and employees. A CCTV security system is a great way to have peace of mind not just during the working day, but also overnight once the business is closed.


So, let’s have a look at some benefits a CCTV security system can provide for businesses and how Fibre Telecoms UK can help.

Deterring Crime

In certain businesses, you may be concerned about would-be criminals vandalising your property, or breaking, entering and stealing any valuable items. However, by a placing well-positioned CCTV security system, the cameras will typically deter this. If they know that they will be spotted on the CCTV system, criminals may choose a different and easier building to break into which does not have these security systems in place. 


Why not pair the CCTV security system with added features such as motion-triggered lights, sirens or an alarm? That way, at night after opening hours, there is still a level of protection to deter any violence or theft. Find out more about our security cameras here. 


Your company’s CCTV security system can aid in the capture and prosecution of offenders. It’s more valuable to record any suspicious behaviour or intrusion on camera than it is to just trigger the alarm.


The camera footage can be used as evidence by the police or other appropriate authorities, as well as to aid in the identification of wanted criminals.


In certain situations, having a CCTV security system is an ideal solution for dealing with insurance claims. If the business has been broken into, the CCTV can be used as evidence, not just with the police, but with insurance companies to regain the assets stolen. 


Also, most insurance companies identify that a camera system helps deter criminal activity and strengthen its security. So, there is a potential here to be able to have reduced insurance contracts and premiums. If the building is at a lower risk, insurance companies will more than likely reduce their costs. 

Keep Records

To make sure everything is going smoothly, it is always a good idea to keep track of when your employees arrive at and depart from your location when deliveries are made, and when visitors arrive.


Similar to evidence taking, if a staff member has a disciplinary meeting, a CCTV security system can show footage all the way up to the action; to see who was at fault. 

Our CCTV Security System

As one of the leading telecommunication providers, we ensure that our customers have the latest technology and protection within their working environment. This isn’t just providing a strong connection with their business phone systems. We also install and maintain CCTV security cameras.


Our telecom engineers can install high-definition CCTV cameras, or even convert analogue cameras into IP. To ensure the best possible defence, a CCTV security system requires maintenance. Due to office environments, severe weather conditions and general wear and tear, cameras receive damage over time. Our team will ensure the system is operating effectively by remotely identifying any problems with the cameras and resolving them at your convenience.

Fibre Telecoms UK

At Fibre, we provide a range of telecom services to businesses across the UK. We are here to ensure commercial companies of all sizes have the technology to excel in their business. We want ot make it easier for you to maintain a strong connection with their customers. Our high-end business phone systems or a CCTV security system may be the solution to a happy and productive working environment.


For more information, or to receive a quote, fill in our form here. Or, give us a call on 0330 094 8797 and speak to one of our telecom experts today. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram to stay connected to our network.