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What Are the Best Telecom Services For Businesses?

With a high level of calls and requiring a strong internet connection, it is important that businesses utilise the most effective telecom services available. Especially with hybrid working schedules and certain employees spread across different offices and remote working. There are a wide variety of telecommunications services that can help enhance businesses of all sizes. 


But, at Fibre Telecoms UK, we are here to break down the best telecom services that benefit businesses across the country. Find out more from one of the leading telecommunications providers in the UK and how telecoms can help improve your company. 

VoIP Phone Systems

Gone are the days of analogue phones with long and tangled cords. With corded phones, not only are workers limited to where they receive the calls but, there is also a restricted number of added telecom services available. Especially compared to VoIP systems


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) transmits audio as digital files via IP. These telecom services have several advantages for a business over the standard corded telephones. For example, VoIP phone systems have a better call quality as they depend on a company’s internet connection. Which, with the right telecom services, will be strong throughout the business. Their HD features will deliver calls with amazing clarity and a razor-sharp volume.


Benefits include:

  • More available features
  • Stronger connection
  • Improved audio quality


At Fibre, we provide VoIP phone systems for businesses of all sizes, using the latest technology and installed to the highest standards in the industry. Find out more about what is VoIP here on our previous blog.

Voicemail to Email/Text

In a business, individuals will check their emails throughout the day. So, it can be more effective to have your voicemails emailed, rather than having them stored on the telephone system. Telecom services, such as VoIP phone systems that use the internet, now provide facilities to link your email account with the business phone system.


Benefits include:

  • Faster message retrieval
  • Improved responsiveness
  • Mobile listening
  • Better record keeping


These telecom services are ideal t making you and your business’ voicemails more accessible throughout the company. Especially if there are multiple office locations. This way, using a shared email that is dedicated to voicemails, those required will have access to these messages and improve collaboration throughout. 


Enabling this can increase not just your effectiveness of customer service, as employees will be able to quickly deal with any messages. But, it also helps to reduce errors and creates a better system to record these voicemails and improve response times. 

On-Hold Marketing

There’s nothing worse than a customer complaining about the wait time they were on hold. Especially when it’s just a constant buzz, or worse. No music whatsoever. There is a high chance, in these situations, that the customer will disconnect from the call and your business loses a potential sale.


In a recent survey, it has been estimated that 60% of customers will hang up after one minute. If there are no auditory cues, how will you keep your customers engaged and drive them to stay on the call? Telecom services now include on-hold marketing, which allows businesses to create personalised voice memos or music that is featured whilst the customer is on hold.


Benefits include:

  • Up-sell your services
  • Improve customer relationship
  • Boost business profile


Your business can implement a personalised voice message which greets the customer immediately. This will help build a relationship with them and make sure they know they haven’t been forgotten about. Which sometimes can be lost when a customer is on hold. Educate your customers on other relevant services and try to up-sell your business. Then, once they are through to an operator, they have an idea of what they want to discuss. 

Fibre Telecoms UK

Here at Fibre Telecoms UK, we want to challenge the status quo. Just because your business is small, does not mean that your resources should be lacking. Especially when it comes to telecom services. That’s why we provide the most exemplary technology with the best competitive rates throughout the industry.


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