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Which Phone Features Benefits Small Businesses?

When it comes to business phone systems, it is important that there are certain features to ensure a strong working environment. Whether this is offering solid customer support or simply connecting with associates. A VoIP phone system is an ideal solution to improve all aspects of the workforce.


This is even more crucial for small businesses, which may lack certain expenditures and notice as their larger competitors. Find out which phone features small businesses should look out for in their systems here.

Call Forwarding to Mobiles

One of the most important features you’ll need is a call forwarding service for employees. Primarily for those often away from their desks. To maintain a strong customer support network, your business should have staff available to deal with any concerns, sales or complaints. 


With business phone systems, there are features available to add mobiles into the business phonebook. These can then be fixed so that any calls that are not picked up at the desk, are redirected to a mobile device to talk to customers on the go. 


Additionally, it’s an excellent approach to guarantee that calls that would otherwise go to absent personnel are still answered. Let’s say your employee was supposed to be answering crucial calls but is out sick for the week. Simply changing the routing settings would allow those calls to be sent to the business’s available employee’s phone number.

Call Recording With Business Phone Systems 

For some small businesses, the ability to record phone calls is highly useful. Call recording is helpful if you frequently close deals or make sales pitches over the phone. This way, your employees can analyse these successes later and they can be used for training purposes for new staff members. 


Call recordings make it simpler to do everything, whether you need proof for crucial topics mentioned on a client call or you want to listen to calls to understand how you can enhance a pitch in the future. Find out more about our business phone systems here. 

Remote Working

In a society where businesses have had to modify their working schedules, many now incorporate remote working schemes in place. But, especially in places where various calls need to be made every day, it is important that home staff remain connected and have strong levels of communication throughout.


Now that VoIP technology is flexible, employees may work from any location while still being linked with business phone systems. As a result, essential employees who are travelling interstate may simply stay in touch with the office, and remote workers can be hired from any location in the UK.


Staff workers can use VoIP to connect to business phone systems from any location with an internet connection. Users can quickly connect to the office phone system by plugging in an IP handset. Or, use a softphone (virtual phone) on a PC or laptop. In essence, they become just another extension number. As a result, they may check who is on the phone and who is available. Then, they can contact it for free. 

Our Business Phone Systems 

Here at Fibre Telecoms UK, we offer a wide range of business phone systems with the latest technology and advanced features. No matter how big or small your business is, it is important to maintain a strong connection throughout and with customers. That’s why Fibre Telecoms provides only the best small business phone systems for modern workforces.


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