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Business CCTV

Do you feel safe within your business? What about across multiple offices? You want to ensure your employees are protected at all times. And a CCTV security system is a great way to create a safer environment. Not just for employees, but for your customers too!

Protect your business and help deter theft, violence and vandalism with a business CCTV security system. CCTV is also great for supporting insurance claims and as evidence.

Not just your connection, your business should also feel safe in the working environment. Find out more about our business CCTV security system here.

CCTV Installation

Our telecom engineers specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of CCTV security systems. Whether it is changing analogue cameras to IP or installing high-definition CCTV cameras for your business. Here at Fibre Security Systems, we have years of experience in the CCTV and telecom industry; suiting all budgets. No matter how small your business, protect it with the latest CCTV security system.

CCTV Maintenance

CCTV security system will need maintenance to ensure optimal protection. This could be due to business environments, severe weather conditions and general wear and tear. Our telecom engineers will ensure your CCTV systems are working efficiently; detecting both the system and camera issues remotely and fixing the issues for your convenience.