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How Cabling Companies Can Help Improve Network Security


Network security should be a concern for all businesses and organisations, but a cabling company can be helpful.


Cabling companies are important to network security, especially for businesses and organisations. Having your cables installed professionally is a way to be comfortable knowing your data is safe within your network, and not at risk of cyber threats. In this article, we will cover how cabling companies can improve your network security and the steps they may take


Cable Management


Although a basic step, having well-organised cables is important for cabling companies to keep everything in order. This includes labelling the cables correctly so that they are easy to identify and keeping them uncluttered and untangled so they are easy to follow.


Cable management improves network security in a more practical way, rather than technical, but cabling companies will still take this very seriously. For example, when cables are organised, it is much easier to find a disconnected cable or locate a cable that is experiencing any issues. 


Types of Cabling


Another benefit of using cabling companies is their knowledge of different types of cabling and their use of secure cabling. It is always best to trust the professionals when it comes to technical aspects of your business, to minimise the risk of a security breach.


Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and Radio frequency interference (RFI) are both ways that can lead to a data breach, and they can be caused by everyday items. Cabling companies use types of cabling that will protect against these interferences, meaning a more secure network for your business or organisation. 


Cabling companies make use of shielded cabling, a type of cabling that was designed to prevent both EMI and RFI. On top of this, fibre-optic cables may also be used. This type of cabling uses light, rather than copper, to transmit sensitive data, and is also immune to EMI and RFI.




Cabling companies will also run tests on your cabling installations to make sure they are up to standard with current regulations and that they are secure. On top of network security, running tests on your cabling installations is also important to make sure your cabling system is running at a good speed for its needs.


On top of this, cabling companies can also certify a business or organisation’s cabling installations. This is beneficial to know for businesses as it can give them assurance that their infrastructure is up to date and in line with security requirements, while also acting as proof for any outside authorities.




In conclusion, it is a beneficial decision for a business or organisation to hire cabling companies for their cabling installations. This is due to the fact that they can improve network security through the use of correct cablings, and can keep up with how your cabling installations are performing. As is the case with all industries, it is best to trust professionals to provide security for your sensitive data.


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