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How to Reduce Your Business Electricity Bill This Winter

As the energy crisis continues to increase and cause problems for homes and businesses across the UK, it is important to find solutions that will reduce costs in the workplace. By simple steps, such as turning off electronics when not in use and utilising the best telecommunications, a business can see their costs cut down and optimise their usage overall. 

Know Your Business Energy Use 

But, where do you start? Businesses should consider conducting an energy audit to discover which areas are using the most energy and which parts are having the most negative impact. 

Certain energy suppliers may offer free energy audits with their packages. Our telecommunications company provides customers with their best deals depending on specifications. Make sure you are getting your money’s worth and help reduce your overall energy costs. 

Energy-Efficient Office Lighting

Lighting isn’t cheap. In fact, around 20% of all the electricity in the UK is lighting. Especially in large offices that require multiple rooms to be lit throughout the day. Up to 40% of your electricity bill is solely on the lights throughout your workplace. Therefore, alternative lighting should be considered to help your business become more energy efficient. 


For example, consider modern LEDs or halogen lights. Compared to incandescent filament bulbs, LEDs use over 75% less energy and do not burn out. These bulbs are long-lasting and can save you money on energy bills and the cost of replacing them. Also, why not consider other energy-efficient lighting techniques, such as:


  • Timers to automatically switch lights off
  • Maximise the amount of natural light
  • Turn lights off when not in use

Make Sure Things Are Turned Off

Everybody loves that Friday feeling. But, what if your employees forget to switch off their devices and only leave them on standby? That means an entire weekend’s worth of electricity is being wasted. No matter the size of your business, this is a waste and will increase your overall utility bill. 


At the end of each working day, ask your employees to turn off their computers and other appliances they may be using. Make sure to unplug the equipment, such as printers, coffee machines, kettles and chargers that are not in use.

Offer Hybrid Working 

During the lockdown, various offices were forced to shut down and resume work from home. However, since the restrictions have been lifted, many businesses still provide hybrid working schedules so that their employees can still access the necessary resources and remain connected with telecommunications, whilst in their home office. 


This is beneficial for a number of reasons. Not only is this an incentive for your staff, as they can save on commuting costs and can be worked around their schedule (such as for parents or carers) but, it also helps reduce the energy cost. With fewer people in the office, there will be less equipment to turn on. This will ultimately reduce the overall electricity bill, including lighting and heating. 


Make sure you have telecommunications in place, such as VoIP phone systems, so that no matter where your employees are, they can access the phone system and help customers. Find out more about our business phone systems here.

Switch Your Energy Supplier

Electricity is an essential part of running a business. But, there are other aspects you should be worried about more. So, it’s important to find a cost-effective energy supplier that offers deals tailored to your needs.


Fibre Telecoms UK is not just a telecommunications company. We also help businesses find an energy supplier that can help them reduce their overall costs. For more information on our services, click here

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