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how telecoms can help small businesses

How Telecoms Can Benefit Your Small Business

As the world becomes more online, businesses are starting to rely on technological advancements. The digitisation of these communication services goes hand in hand with telecommunications. This growing demand for instant connection and fast results is the reason why telecoms have blossomed into a booming business. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many workers were told to work remotely and people relied on efficient customer service.

For small businesses, this efficiency is key. You might not have big numbers or a wide clientele, however, why should you differ from your competitors? Here is a list of how telecoms can benefit your business, no matter the size.


Customer Service

If you are in customer service, there’s a chance you will receive hundreds of calls per day. Whether this is due to complaints, questions or you are making a sale. Your customers expect not just the enquiry to be solved, but that there is a dependable connection. Studies have shown that 26% of businesses have lost sales, due to their connection issues. You want to be a reliable business; that your customers can trust. Vital for any small business that depends on its loyal customer base. Having a strong telecom system allows this connectivity and improves overall customer service.


Business Improvement

Telecom software can also offer a wide range of included features. In the telecom sector, certain products allow you to record conversations, either for training purposes or for relevance at a later date. For example, if, on the call, your customer or client refers to one of their preferences, you can then use this recording later when working. This can help improve your business, which is important when just starting up. It sets a precedent for your work structure; helping you keep up with your competitors.



Telecom services are a great way to enhance the level of communication within the workplace. Through both wired and wireless products, telecoms ensure that an office is connected to the local network. This means that the information will not just be safe to exchange, it can quickly and efficiently be shared throughout the network. Whether this is to the next room, or to a completely different office across the country. Examples can include linking computers, fax machines and handsets.


Working as a Team

No matter your business, usually there are various departments in offices that require business phone systems. Even in SMEs. If multiple departments are needing to collaborate on a project, they may need to organise meetings; which could involve major working schedules clashing. However, with telecoms, this communication is much easier. Connect with ease and join group calls or send over items of work in a more convenient and efficient way.


Fibre Telecoms

Here at Fibre Telecoms UK, we want to challenge the status quo. Think different to our competitors. We want to help small businesses by supplying them with the same telecom systems that the large conglomerates use. That’s why we provide the most exemplary technology with the best competitive rates throughout the telecom industry.

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