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iPads for business: How To Use Them Effectively

Buying iPads for business use is extremely common nowadays. iPads have essentially changed the way a lot of businesses operate. Approximately 79% of businesses in the UK use iPads as a business tool. An iPad is not meant to replace your computer; rather, it should increase your productivity and serve as a powerful tool, particularly if you have the correct applications downloaded. However, operating an iPad might be complicated for a lot of individuals. So, how can you utilise them efficiently?

How To Set Up Your iPad For Business Use

There is a checklist of items to complete before utilising your iPad for business. The first and most important thing to do is to hide distractions. This entails muting or disabling some notifications. You can make sure that relevant notifications are sent to your device, but you will also receive a lot of unnecessary ones that you can silence in your settings. You’ll be able to focus on your work without interruptions thanks to this.

If the iPad is for graphic design purchasing, grabbing yourself a stylus is essential. How else are you going to draw? A stylus is a wise decision, particularly for detailed and exact work like mind maps and document annotation. Additionally, similar to how a paintbrush or pen would function in the real world, pressing down on the screen with a stylus can change the width or depth of a stroke.

Smart keyboards are for those who can type on glass, but don’t really want to. A smart keyboard instantly connects to your iPad. At first, it can feel strange in comparison to your computer keyboard. But, you get used to it. This is especially useful for people who are always moving about because you can take it with you everywhere you go.

Apps Every Business iPad Should Have

You can use the majority of your favourite and accustomed business tools on your iPad thanks to the rising demand for mobile software solutions. As of 2022, there are now 1.6 million apps to choose from. With over 235,000 apps for people at work. Here are some examples of apps every business should have on their iPad:

  • Microsoft Office – Reliable and can store all your documents here.
  • Slack – Packed with plug-ins and extra, Slack allows you to quickly and easily communicate with your colleagues/clients.
  • Shortcuts – Perfect app for managing your tasks without any hassle. Personal automation tool that allows you to drag and drop any combination of actions.
  • Zoho – This app allows you to manage customers perfectly and keep them thoroughly satisfied, while taking care of their ever-changing needs.
  • Google Calendar – Allows you to easily organise meetings and deadlines.
  • Usher Security – This app will allow you to securely log into business systems and open the doors and buildings, all from your iPad.

With a simple name search, you can easily find all of these apps on the App Store for no cost.

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