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Why is Mobile Friendly Important in Business?

In the modern world, everything is online. Most businesses have had to update their styles to keep up with the changing times and many prioritise mobile-friendly solutions throughout. This can improve both the customer experience and how staff work with a modern business phone system. Let’s have a look at mobile-friendly factors in a business and their importance.

Remote Working

Post-COVID, many businesses had to alter their working schedules and make amendments to how their company ran. As social distancing was not possible in small offices, many employees worked from home, which has continued in many businesses as part of the “new normal”. There are many benefits to working from home, both for the productivity of the office and for the employee’s wellbeing. But, how does this relate to being mobile-friendly?

To maintain a strong customer relationship, it is important that they can contact the office at any time. However, what about those who work from home? With a business phone system, additional extras can be installed to forward calls to the system onto mobile phones. So, if the number isn’t picked up at their desk, it can be passed onto a mobile device to maintain good customer service no matter where they are based. 

Better Search Engine Ranking

Not for a business phone system, but mobile-friendly solutions should also be considered for other aspects of the workplace. Including the website. As we previously mentioned, everything is online. A good online presence is essential to showing your customers and potential clients that you are reputable and qualified for the job. 

But, a mobile-friendly website will also help your rankings on search engines. Google has previously stated that one of the factors they prioritise is mobile-first. Many of your customers will look at sites on their phones and if they do not load straight away, chances are you have lost their attention. Make sure your business utilises search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques, such as relevant keywords, responsive web design and ensure it is optimised for mobile. All of which can help improve sales and your customer relationship.

Improve Customer Relationships

It is vital that businesses, especially small start-ups, maintain a strong reputation and relationship with their customers. If your customers have an issue and no one answers the phone to help fix it, this may persuade them to leave your services or leave a bad review. Which, in turn, may leave a bad impression on other potential customers.

Therefore, including mobile phones as part of the business phone system allows employees to answer wherever they are. If they are in meetings, they will receive a notification on their mobile phone, which they can either respond to or reschedule. All while still being in contact with the customer. It also makes it easier to hand out individual business cards. You don’t have to hand out your mobile number, as it will just be the work line.

By having several mobile phones linked to the VoIP business phone system, you have the option to add different sectors for specialised services. For example, using on-hold marketing, you can state each department, the services they provide and the issues they can deal with. Then, once the customer states which line they require, the business phone features will forward the call to the employee’s mobile phone. Find out more about our mobile application here. 

Versatile Business Phone System

No matter how big or small your business is, we can cater to meet your specific needs. We understand that you may operate differently from other competitors. No two businesses are the same. And, that will reflect on your business phone systems. Are you wanting cordless phones? Or, are you looking for multiple connect headsets? Whatever you require, we can deliver! Find out more about our small business phone systems here and the latest handsets we provide.

Fibre Telecoms UK

At Fibre, we offer a wide range of business phone systems with the latest technology and advanced features. No matter how big or small your business is, it is important to maintain a strong connection throughout and with customers. So, it’s important that your business phone system is up-to-date and runs smoothly throughout the working day. Our telecommunication providers are here to help you transform your business into a modern workforce.

For more information, or to receive a quote, fill in our form here. Or, follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn to stay connected with our network. 

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