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Software & Applications

You should want to get the most out of your business phone systems. That’s why Fibre Telecoms UK offers various conjoining applications that can boost your VoIP system’s efficiency.


Make your working life easier, smoother and more productive.

On hold Marketing

Anyone on hold is a captive audience! 90% of callers will hang up after 40 seconds if confronted with silence and 34% of callers who hang up will not call back. 

So, why not use this for marketing telecom services? This feature can help build a strong relationship with your clientele and increase your business in the telecom industry.

Call Recording

How many times have you seen someone make a mistake in note-taking whilst on a call? Or had a dispute over information taken over the phone? 

Call recording software & applications provide a great fail-safe as it records every call in or out of the business. Through these telecom services, they provide a great way of teaching your team by listening back to their calls together to improve performance.

Call Reporting

Call reporting allows you to see all the incoming and outgoing calls to your business, including those you may have missed outside of working hours.


You can also identify potential trouble areas in terms of call flow, allowing you to streamline your business. Enquire below to see how our telecommunications company.

CTI integration

CTI allows business phone systems to link up with your computer and with a CRM platform; elevating your levels of customer service and overall efficiency.

See the record of an incoming customer on-screen, as the phone rings. Look up where a new customer is based, without asking them their location; all thanks to our telecom services.

Mobile App

One of the most popular applications we provide is the system mobile app that links your desk phone straight to your smartphone. This allows you to seamlessly divert office calls from business phone systems to your mobile. Simply by logging into the app. 

When making a call from the app it will display your main office number. Never give out your mobile number again for work! Through this telecom network feature, your calls are all recorded too!