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How Telecommunication Service Providers Can Benefit Schools

During the various lockdown periods, young children and students undertaking important classes had their education on pause and uprooted. Many students had to cater to remote working conditions, much to the dismay of parents. For this, telecommunication service providers were vital for homes across the UK to remain connected for their learning and online classes. 


Although the restrictions have been lifted across the country, telecommunication service providers still have the opportunity to help schools with their telecom services.  

Cutting Costs

Especially in larger schools, there are various bills and costs associated with running a school every day of the week. Electricity, water, radiators. It all adds up. So, in the main offices and receptions, telecommunication service providers can help lower these expenses.


At Fibre, we use the latest technology that is cost-effective for our customers. By utilising VoIP phone systems and SIP trunks, schools can save money on landline phone bills. This may accumulate a lot with how many calls are made each day. Typically, SIP lines include a monthly subscription to unlimited local and long-distance calls. Whilst ensuring a strong connection and additional features. For more information on SIP lines, read our previous blog here. 


Instead of having separate systems, why not combine these features with telecommunication service providers? Schools should consider integrating these systems as it will help improve the infrastructure throughout the school, which is ideal for larger secondary schools, colleges and universities. 


Why not bring these various resources “under one roof” to cut costs for your school and advance its integration? These systems can be integrated to enable capabilities like VoIP phones, mobile handoff, and computer telephone integration. Reduce phone response times and keep your administrative costs low with the aid of services like call routing, self-service, and reporting.


Connecting to Parents

It is important for any business to maintain good customer support service and connect with its users, showing that they are a reliable company. And although we wouldn’t class parents as “customers” of the school, the same rules apply. 


The contact between teachers and office administrators with parents is crucial. Parents need to be fully aware of any concerns with their children and have an open line of communication throughout the year. Therefore, telecommunication service providers are ideal to ensure this connection is enhanced with the latest technology and telecom services. 


For example, parents can get direct notifications from a school via SMS or other bespoke programmes that deliver recorded messages. All of which will help strengthen this communication and ensure everybody is happy.

Business Phone Systems

VoIP business phone systems are known for their reliability and strong connections between users. VoIP is powered through a strong internet connection, therefore, they also cut down on phone bill costs that can lead to large expenses throughout the year. This high call quality will enhance the relationship between schools and parents, ensuring that nothing will be misunderstood due to a bad connection. 


With the latest technology, schools can keep up with the changing times. All while minimising the risk of costly phone bills with telecommunication service providers. For more information on the business phone systems we provide, click here. 

Fibre Telecoms UK 

At Fibre, we are a team of telecommunication service providers that install business phone systems and other telecom services throughout the UK. Utilising telecom services in a variety of businesses, including schools, is a great way to ensure good support and maintain a solid reputation. 


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