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Wouldn’t it be great to get a business utilities plan that’s based on what you actually need? 

How about prices that are fixed, simple to understand and competitive? 

We get it. Finding the right utility plan for your business can be difficult. Especially with conflicting prices. Trust a reliable telecoms provider who can find you the best deals.

That’s why thousands of businesses across the UK are choosing to get their gas, electricity and water from us. Few businesses have the time in which to shop around for the best deal.

Here at Fibre Network Provisions, we can save you that time and find you the best deal. We enjoy strong building and maintaining relationships with major suppliers.


Electricity is an essential part of running a business. Whether it’s used to turn on the lights or to power machinery or computers. However, your business electricity is not something you want to be worrying about and spending a lot of time on when you have a business to run. 


Switching your energy supplier gives you the opportunity to reduce your energy costs and company overheads while freeing up money for more important areas of your business. 

If you have not switched your electricity supplier in the last few years, then on average you could save your business up to 20% off your electricity bills. Not just a telecommunications company, Fibre Network Provisions UK also can help you switch electricity suppliers.


When looking to switch your business gas it is important to remember business gas plans are more complicated compared to domestic plans. 

Commercial gas plans are calculated based on your business’ size, gas consumption and location. Here at Fibre Network Provisions, we offer a wide range of telecom services and offer sound advice for other utilities. For more information, please enquire below and see how our experts can help you.


Water is one of those areas that is normally overlooked when looking to save money, often due to the complex nature of the tariffs. 


Since the deregulation of the water market in the UK, every business in Scotland and England can save money by switching their water and wastewater supplier. 


As you may imagine, the process of contacting suppliers for quotes can be time-consuming and can detract your attention away from your business. This is where our team of energy experts can help you.