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VoIP Systems: Are They Secure?

Safety is the first concern you have when deciding which company phone system to choose. Businesses frequently choose VoIP systems, but are they secure? Security is crucial for every system used to carry out business activities. Business-confidential data must be kept safe from unlawful access. Any interruption or impact to services and resources can also stop operations, reduce employee productivity, and even harm a company’s brand.

What is a VoIP System?

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. It is also referred to as IP telephony, by many people within the tech industry. VoIP systems convert voice signals into digital data in data packets, and then send them across the internet. 

The Security Risks of VoIP Systems

The most dangerous risks to the VoIP industry are posed by scammers and cybercriminals. VoIP systems may be directly exploited if they are insufficiently unsecure or exposed. To gain private information, calls can be eavesdropped on or data can be directly taken. The availability of services to genuine consumers may be hampered and business resources wasted if a VoIP system is hacked.

Another risk to VoIP Systems is Malware. Malware may take advantage of weak points or inadequately secured systems to conduct attacks without the need for direct human involvement. In these situations, receivers are frequently deceived into believing that their accounts have been hijacked or have displayed unusual behaviour; the caller then requests that they provide private information in order to authenticate the accounts. 

How to Ensure Your VoIP System is Safe

The first and most important way to ensure your system is secure, is to ensure clear and comprehensive information is kept up to date. Keep control of all internal and external VoIP supporting systems, end user hardware and associated software.  Make sure that all licences, support data, and supplier contact information are maintained and made accessible to the relevant people.

Another way to ensure your system is safe to use within the business is to keep your software up to date. This sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to update their phone systems. To maintain the optimum security and functionality across the board, all software updates—whether for VoIP systems or end user devices—should be performed as soon as they become available.

Lastly, try to avoid using public Wi-Fi for VoIP devices. Due to the possibility of traffic eavesdropping and real-time vulnerability exploitation, public Wi-Fi can actually pose a serious risk to phone systems. E Only secure, private Wi-Fi should be used by employees, or they should use a VPN when accessing public Wi-Fi.

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