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What Are VoIP Phone Systems

As offices start to become fuller, with the loosening of restrictions, it is important that businesses return to their optimised state. And VoIP phone systems are a great and systematic approach that can help with large workloads. But, what exactly are VoIP phone systems? And, how can they benefit your business?


What is VoIP? 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides the best business phone services, no matter the size of the company. These systems are effective methods of transmitting calls over a network; ideal for companies wanting to remain connected over various floors or offices. Instead of using the landline, VoIP phone systems will use the internet, which provides a stronger connection and is less likely to suffer interference.

Unlike typical phone calls, that are provided through the telephony structure of phone lines, VoIP phone systems are transmitted differently. The audio is transferred as digital packets via IP, whether this is across a Local Area Network (LAN) or online. However, these VoIP calls are not dissimilar to standard phone calls; primarily you will still have a physical phone.


What are the Benefits?

Thanks to their reliability, there are many benefits to having VoIP phone systems installed in a business. As you are not relying on a landline, these phone systems are typically at a much lower cost. VoIP systems can lower your overall business costs. This is also the case for those making calls overseas, as there is a cheaper rate.

As they are using your internet, VoIP phone systems also have a higher call quality compared to other choices. their HD features will supply calls with incredible clarity and a sharp level of sound.

In addition, VoIP phone systems create more accessible features for companies. This is key for those who have various offices and need a simple and efficient connection between them. The cloud-based VoIP service allows users to make calls whenever and wherever they are. All you need is a data connection. These systems also have several features that can give a business simplicity in their work. For example, if a call is made and is not picked up, the person can then either direct the call to a different person or have the voicemails emailed. It’s basically an app. But, that will help with work efficiency.

All these features are beneficial to all companies; specifically SMEs. Just because your team size may be small, does not mean you shouldn’t have the same opportunities to remain connected. At a cost-effective rate, VoIP phone systems will help small businesses with their workload efficiently; using the same as larger companies.


Our Services

Here at Fibre Telecoms UK, we want to challenge the status quo. Think different to our competitors. We want to help small businesses by supplying them with the same VoIP phone systems that the large conglomerates use. That’s why we provide the most exemplary technology with the best competitive rates throughout the telecom industry.

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