Calls and Lines

Of all the parts of your telecom system, the chances are that your Calls & Lines are among the areas you know the least about. This section will provide all the information you need on these two areas to help you find out what is best for your business.

Business Call Rates

We provide many millions of call minutes to thousands of businesses throughout the UK. All calls are routed via Tier 1 carriers both at home and overseas, ensuring the quality of voice connectivity that our customers’ demand. Due to our immense buying power, we buy our calls at wholesale rates, which we naturally pass on to our customers.


ISDN2e is a high-performance service delivering broadcast-quality voice and continuous, extremely reliable data transmission. ISDN30e provides high-performance voice and data services for those needing at least 8 telephone lines. Each ISDN30e connection provides 8-30 independent 64k channels which can be combined for bandwidth-hungry applications.

SIP Lines

SIP Trunking is the fastest growing telephony service – it is a reliable, cost-effective voice service that is cheaper and more flexible than ISDN. We simply connect your business phones onto our network through a broadband or Ethernet connection to carry and terminate your inbound and outbound voice calls.

Why should I use SIP?

There are a number of practical reasons why you would choose SIP. Firstly, if you want to keep a local number when moving, SIP can save you money in call forwarding.

SIP also provides a great disaster recover option and also enables you to run seasonal campaigns as it can be easily scaled, should the need arise.

Ready to start the switch?

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