Incorporating a CCTV system into your business can create a safer environment for your employees and your customers. You have the ability to monitor your sales floor, till or business premises whilst providing a deterrent against theft, violence, and vandalism. With the presence of a CCTV security system for your business, you can provide evidence in the event of prosecution by police, or in the event of supporting an insurance claim.


Here at Fibre, we specialise in the supply, installation, and maintenance of professional CCTV systems. Whether you need to change your analogue cameras to IP or install new high-definition security cameras in your business, Fibre has the expertise to install systems to suit all budgets. Our experience allows us to cater for both small businesses, larger corporate and industrial sites.


Due to business environments, weather and age, CCTV system can start to deteriorate. With a Fibre maintenance plan, we can ensure your CCTV systems are working efficiently all the time. Our engineers can detect both system and camera issues remotely, respond to and fix issues quickly.

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