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Why Having a CCTV Security System Can Benefit Your Business

According to a recent report, since the Covid-19 restrictions were eased, police recorded crime levels rose by 16% in the year ending March 2022 compared to the year ending March 2021, returning to pre-pandemic levels with 5.3 million offences reported within the previous year. It’s uncommon for businesses to not have a CCTV security system installed in light of these concerning and alarming statistics; but, if yours doesn’t, it could be time to think about acquiring one. 


What Are The Benefits of Having a CCTV Security System?


Zippia reveals that as of January 2022, only 45% of people globally are aware of their company’s safety plan. The absolute bare minimum that a company should offer is a safe workplace. This is why having a CCTV security system in place is crucial, this could help workers feel secure throughout the work day. So, what else are the benefits of having CCTV?


First and foremost, the main reason businesses acquire a CCTV security system is to provide peace of mind for both them and their staff. Feeling safe and unworried during your shift is vital, this enables you to work effectively without worrying about your safety. This is the greatest and most significant benefit of having a CCTV in the workplace. 


Another advantage of having a CCTV security system is having access to remote monitoring. Similar to Fibre Telecoms, most CCTV security systems are accessible from the comfort of your own desk. Whether it be your tablet, mobile device, or computer – you can monitor the activity of your CCTV system anywhere. 


As well, if in the unfortunate event that a crime does occur within your business – having CCTV in place will give you a greater chance of being successful in prosecuting the criminal, as it is compelling evidence for courts. This is due to the fact that suspects can easily be identified through clear CCTV footage. 


Lastly, having a CCTV system discourages criminals from breaking into your business. When a criminal sees that you have a CCTV security system, they will be put off and be less likely to go through with their plan. This is because criminals often prefer the easier option, and do not want to risk getting caught. 


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