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Why Network Cabling is Important in a Business

Whether you are a large conglomerate or a small start-up business, it is important to optimise your telecom services with the latest technology, including network cabling. Most businesses, especially call centres and offices, rely on a strong internet connection. So, let’s have a closer look at the importance network cabling offers businesses and how Fibre Telecoms can help.

What is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling is put in place to make business operations run much more efficiently. Without an order to network cabling, this can cause unorganised chaos and connectivity issues as result.

Network cabling is used throughout a business, which transfers information from one device to the other. Although there is not one way of utilising network cabling systems, it’s important that the cables are organised in a way that is beneficial to your business and meets your individual requirements. At Fibre Telecoms UK, our staff ensures that cabling is completely tidy and out of sight. Find out more about our network cabling solutions here.

Higher Bandwidth

More bandwidth is provided by structured cabling systems than by conventional cables, which improves network performance and speeds up data transfers and page loads. This is vitally important in businesses, where a strong Wi-Fi connection is a must.

This is due to the fact that the majority of contemporary cabling systems use fast fibre optic cables with high capacity and a surplus of bandwidth. Utilising the leading telecommunications in the industry guarantees every device will have access to the entire system’s bandwidth without interruption or performance loss.

Improved Safety

In any job, health and safety are always important topics.  At Fibre, we ensure all our structured cablings are well-organised to improve overall workplace safety. If there are unkept wired, there is a higher risk of fires, falls, and electric shocks.

By choosing to organise your network cables, you can concentrate on managing your business rather than worrying about the dangers in the server room.


Technology is evolving at an impressive rate. However, with the latest telecommunications and network cabling, businesses should be ready to adapt to new applications. With structured cabling, this supports a strong and high bandwidth. Choosing network cabling will ensure that your system does not become outdated. 

However, there isn’t just one network cabling system for every business. It all depends on the specific requirements of the workplace and their individual needs. At Fibre, we work closely with all our clients, to ensure that they are getting the best telecommunications specifically for the company. 

Why Structured Cabling is Important

The importance of structured cabling is increased as telecommunications technology and handsets get more complicated and require more support. 

Planning ahead is crucial for any business. Businesses should plan their cabling for the future even if standards provide the framework for structured cabling design and implementation. To prepare for future demands, telecommunication providers should make an estimate of the number of users and devices that will require network access, as well as where they will be located.

As businesses want faster network speeds, cabling is still shifting away from copper and toward fibre. In fact, fibre has already been used by several corporations as the backbone of their networks. The use of fibre in horizontal cabling will increase in the not too distant future.

Fibre Telecoms UK

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