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Why Do Businesses Use VoIP Phone Systems?

One of the newer technologies available for communicating, a business VoIP phone system is ideal for companies to remain connected to their customers and with other employees. There are many benefits to VoIP phone systems and reasons why businesses are utilising them throughout the country. Here at Fibre, we are here to break down how a business VoIP phone system can benefit your business and what it can offer to its growth.

What is a Business VoIP Phone System?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) refers to the technology that instead of requiring a manual connection, utilises the internet instead. This includes breaking down the audio data which is transferred as digital packets, via IP.


These systems will still mainly require a physical phone or handsets. However, as long as the internet connection is strong, they are a much more reliable system. This is important for businesses to remain a strong connection with their customers.


A business VoIP phone system is an ideal way to lower a company’s expenses. As the business VoIP service is connected through the internet, this results in a much lower call rate.


Here at Fibre, we offer a wide range of VoIP phone systems that could benefit businesses no matter the size. For more information on our services, click here

Small Business VoIP Features

Throughout the working day, there’s a high chance of employees will need to utilise certain features. Though we have used landlines in the past, there are few opportunities for employees to further improve their services. Especially when it comes to speaking with customers. There are certain features that will help deliver a more extensive customer experience.


Within a business VoIP phone system, your telecommunications provider can include added features, such as call recording, on-hold marketing and the opportunity to send voicemails straight to an inbox. These features not only offer easy ways to train new starters, but they can also increase efficiency in the workplace. All with a business VoIP phone system.

Supports Multiple Calls

Compared to traditional phone lines, for which typically only one person can talk at a time, VoIP operates much differently. In these business phone systems, employees can make simultaneous calls, such as conference calls and group calls, which can help with a workplace’s efficiency and help multiple customers at once. 

Remote Opportunities

As VoIP systems have no fixed phone lines, this allows calls to be taken wherever they want. Ideal for businesses with a hybrid working environment. For example, during COVID, many businesses were forced to have employees working from home. And though restrictions have diminished, there are still businesses that are utilising remote working, or at least a few days in the office and a few days at home. 


A business VoIP phone system allows employees to create phone extensions on their own devices. Therefore, a customer who rings the company and is looking for your department can be quickly redirected to your phone at home. Find out more about handsets here on our previous blog

Fibre Telecoms UK

Here at Fibre, we are one of the leading telecommunications companies in the UK. We believe that, just because a business is small, does not mean it cannot have the same resources as their larger competitors. And this includes a business VoIP phone system.


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