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Why VoIP Handsets Are Beneficial For Your Office


VoIP handsets exist to streamline your business phone calling experience, here is why it would be a beneficial investment for your office


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems are phone systems that allow the user to make and receive calls over an internet connection rather than over a landline. These systems mean you can use the same number on multiple devices throughout your office, making business calls much more streamlined and efficient.


Cost Effective


In a business, we understand that everything is an investment and you want your budget to be used efficiently. VoIP handsets are cheaper to make calls on compared to landline phones, due to the use of data transmission rather than physical phone lines. 


Because of this, international calls are much cheaper too. If your business has to make a lot of calls overseas, you will understand how expensive international calls are over a landline. It only makes sense for VoIP handsets to be a consideration for your office space if you fall under this category.


Going Green


Are you looking to reduce your business’ carbon footprint? If so, then this is another reason to consider investing in a VoIP handset. It has been shown that VoIP handsets consume less energy than regular landline systems. 


On top of energy consumption, VoIP handsets also use fewer materials to produce. This benefits the environment as less hardware waste is used, which differs from landline systems, which produce waste such as copper wiring.


Humanity has a responsibility to look after the earth, and as a business, your role is vital. A VoIP handset could be your first step to an eco-friendly business.




Things change in businesses, this is something that VoIP handsets understand and cater towards. VoIP handsets allow you to add and remove different lines as you please. This is perfect for a growing business, allowing you to scale and adjust your phone system tailored best for your business.


VoIP handsets also allow for a great deal of flexibility, as the system will work as long as you have an internet connection. This allows you or your employees to work remotely and still access the business phone system. 


Additional Benefits Of VoIP


If, for some reason, you’re still unsure about VoIP handsets and their benefits, here is a list of more reasons to make the investment.


  • VoIP handsets offer high-definition audio for your phone calls, reducing background noise and making your voice clearer and easier to understand.


  • You can easily integrate your VoIP system with other systems in your business, such as analytics tools. This makes running your business easier and more efficient.


  • There are many features on a VoIP handset that you could not find on a regular landline. These include voicemail-to-email, call forwarding, and video calls.




In conclusion, we can draw that VoIP handsets are a clearly improved evolution from a regular landline system. Offering cheaper costs, additional features, better call quality, eco-friendliness, and adaptability, it seems an obvious choice to upgrade from your office landline if you haven’t already.


Fibre Telecoms


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